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How We Work

We are a full service firm that provides services from conception through construction. Every project is different, but we still follow a similar path along the process.

For our architectural and landscape projects, we provide several phases of service. They are as follows:


The Architect shall review the program furnished by the Owner to learn the requirements of the Project and shall arrive at a mutual understanding of such requirements with the Owner. The Architect shall review with the Owner alternative approaches to design and construction of the Project. The Architect shall prepare preliminary design drawings to illustrate the scale and relationship of the Project components.


Based on the approved Schematic Design Documents and any adjustments authorized by the Owner, the Architect shall prepare design development drawings which take into account the reality of construction to verify that the design can be achieved by working out the details of the Project. Any adjustments to the schematic design of the Project will be presented to the Owner for approval.


Based on the approved Design Development Documents and any further adjustments authorized by the Owner, the Architect shall prepare construction documents consisting of drawings and specifications setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction of the Project.


The Architect, following the approval of the Construction Documents, shall assist the Owner in obtaining bids (3 maximum) or negotiated proposals and assist in awarding the contract for construction.


The Architect will be available to answer questions, review comments and make modifications to the drawings requested by the governing body during the permitting process.


The Architect, once the project is awarded, shall be a representative of and shall advise and consult with the Owner during the construction process. The Architect shall visit the site during appropriate stages of construction, or an agreed to number of visits with the Owner, to observe if the work being done is in accordance with the Contract Documents and to participate in resolving design issues which may arise.

(The definitions of the Services are taken from AIA Document B151.)

We provide procurement and delivery of plant material, furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

On small projects, we provide project management services. We have collected a list of quality crafts people through the years that we can bring to your project!



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